What You Can Do

Freedom cannot be bestowed
it must be achieved.
Elbert Hubbard


Some people think of freedom in an abstract way because they have no way to measure it. Everything you require but cannot provide means you must do what the provider says in order to obtain it. In effect, you are a slave to the provider of that thing. 

People are so drawn to Walden by Thoreau because he recognized and wrote about this when he moved to Walden pond. Many of us recognize this as well even if not by name, but have no plan on how to free ourselves.

Thomas Jefferson was well known as a person who valued freedom and the idea of depending on someone else for anything other than luxury would have been as foreign to him as Japan. Those who have been to Monticello understand that the people who lived there did not need much if anything from the outside world.

Some people believe that in today we live in a global economy where the old fashioned thinking of Henry Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington is no longer valid. I for one say it is more valid today than when they were practicing Independence.

I believe that people working together because they want to produces a better world with happy people in it. I also believe that people forced to work together blame, resent and destroy each other.

Independence does not mean lonely or on your own, it means you are capable of acquiring all that you need from your own efforts. No government handout needed. It also means that your affairs are arranged in such a way that you can prevent others from stealing that which you have produced.

This site concentrates on legal ways to produce that which you need in addition to legal ways to prevent your efforts from being taken from you by force or coercion. This includes the government.


  • Go buy 100 lbs of wheat per person if you don't have it... it will keep you alive for months and is the best food insurance you can get
  • Go buy a large water filter and 10 five gallon buckets, you can live 30 days without food but only 3 without water

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